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Provide shapes for students
to make pictures with the premade shapes.
Have large shapes for students to paint
Using sponge stamps, have students
create art.

Math Ideas

I have a sorting board for my students.
I have a container out that has three shapes in. My students
sort them out on the board. They complete that and continue
with the other containers.
I have flashcards that my students
place out and use pattern blocks to match 1:1
Use pattern blocks and tangram sheets
to create pictures
I have a sheet that has different shapes
and the students color in each shape a different color.
Using a cube with a shape on each side,
have your students roll the cube and color in a box
We call this center the "Cube Roll" this is a center
that we have all the time and it just changes with the theme
I also use the alphabet and words also QuickSnips picutres
Place an assorted number of shapes,
place each shape inside a container. I usually have 3 or 4 boxes.
Students choose a box and graph all of the pieces, clean up and
graph another box
In addition to the cube roll, I have a spinner that has
different shapes. The students spin and color in on the graph.
A variation to this one is to have a
spinner with numbers on it. The student spins both spinners.
The number that appears is the amount of shapes that they take.
I also have file folder games that reinforce shapes.
Using recycled plastic lids, cut shapes in the top.
Students will draw/trace the shapes.


Round is a Pancake
Round is a pancake,
Round is a plum,
Round is a doughnut,
Round is a drum.
Round is a puppy,
Curled up on a rug.
Round are the spots,
On a wee ladybug.
Look all around,
On the ground, in the air,
You will find round things everywhere!

Here's a circle
Here's a circle
How can you tell?
It goes round and round
No end can be found
Here's a circle
Here's a circle.

Suzy Circle
I'm Suzy Circle.
I'm happy as can be.
I go round and round.
Can you draw me?

Sammy Square
Sammy Square is my name.
My four sides are just the same.
Turn me around, I don't care.
I'm always the same.
I'm Sammy Square.

Tommy Triangle
I'm Tommy Triangle.
Look at me!
Count my sides.
One, two, three.

Ollie Oval
I am Ollie Oval
A football shape is mine
Some people think that I'm an egg
But I think I look fine!

Right Circle, Left Square
Close my eyes, shut them tight,
Make a circle with my right.
Keep them shut, make it fair,
With my left hand, make a square.

Ricky Rectangle
Ricky Rectangle is my name.
My four sides are not the same.
2 are short and 2 are long.
Count my sides, come right along.
1, 2, 3, 4.

Danny Diamond
I am Danny Diamond
I am like a kite
But I'm really just a square
Who's corners are pulled tight.

Harry Heart
Harry Heart is my name,
The shape I make is my fame,
With a point on the bottom,
And two humps on top,
When it comes to love,
I just can't stop!

3-D Geometry
A basketball is round and hard,
It's shape is called a shpere.
A dice's shape is called a cube,
It's faces flat and clear.


The Shape Family (Dr. Jean)
There is also a blackline book to go with this song, see below.

Make A Circle
(to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel")
Round and round on the paper I go,
What fun to go around like so,
What have I made, do you know?
I made a circle!

Circle Song
(to the tune of: "If You're Happy and You Know It")
A circle is a shape that goes round.
A circle is a shape that goes round.
A circle is a shape that goes round,
And round and round.
A circle is a shape that goes round.
Tiptoe slowly on the circle and go round.
Tiptoe slowly on the circle and go round.
Tiptoe slowly on the circle,
And go round and round and round.
Tiptoe slowly on the circle and go round.

The Rolling Circle Song
(to the tune of "Have You Ever Seen A Lassie?")
Have you ever seen a circle, a circle, a circle?
Have you ever seen a circle, which goes round and round?
It rolls this way and that way, and that way and this way.
Have you ever seen a circle, which goes round and round?

Make A Square
(to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")
From the bottom to the top,
Straight across and then you stop,
Straight down to the bottom again,
Across and stop where you began,
If the lines are the same size,
Then a square is you surprise.

The Square Song
(to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine")
I am a square, a lovely square
I have four sides; they're all the same
I have four corners, four lovely corners
I am a square, that is my name!

This Is a Triangle
(to the tune of: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")
This is a triangle,
Look and you will see.
It has three corners and three sides.
Count them one, two, three!

Make a Triangle
(to the tune of "Three Blind Mice")
One, two, three; one, two, three
Do you see? Do you see?
Up the hill and to the top,
Down the hill--and then you stop,
Straight across; tell me what have you got?
A triangle--a triangle!

It's a Rectangle
(to the tune of: "B-I-N-G-O")
There is a shape that has four sides,
But it is not a square...No!
It's a rectangle;
It's a rectangle;
It's a rectangle;
It is not like a square...No!
Two sides are long; two sides are short.
They are not the same...No!
It's a rectangle;
It's a rectangle;
It's a rectangle;
The sides are not the same...No!

Shape Song
(to the tune of: "The Farmer in the Dell")
A circle's like a ball,
A circle's like a ball,
Round and round
It never stops.
A circle's like a ball!
A square is like a box,
A square is like a box,
It has four sides,
They are the same.
A square is like a box!
A triangle has 3 sides,
A triangle has 3 sides,
Up the mountain,
Down, and back.
A triangle has 3 sides!
A rectangle has 4 sides,
A rectangle has 4 sides,
Two are long, and
Two are short.
A rectangle has 4 sides!

Make A Rectangle
(to the tune of "The Eensy, Weensy Spider")
A long line at the bottom,
A long line at the top,
A short line to connect each side,
A rectangle you've got!
A short line at the bottom
A short line at the top
A long line to connect each side
A rectangle you've got!

(to the tune of: "Frere Jacques")
This is a square. This is a square.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has four sides,
All the same size.
It's a square. It's a square.
This is a circle. This is circle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It goes round and round,
No end can be found.
It's a circle. It's a circle.
This is a triangle. This is a triangle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It only has three sides,
That join to make three points.
It's a triangle. It's a triangle.
This is a rectangle. This is a rectangle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has two short sides,
And it has two long sides.
It's a rectangle. It's a rectangle.


Shape bingo (3-D shape bingo at Bry-Back Manor has free sheets)
Play "I Spy with my little Eye"
I give my students a blank grid and shape stamps
and they create their own boards.
I have some foam puzzle pieces and the students will
correctly assemble.
I have some flashcards that have a cool
holder, my students give clues to their partner as to the shape.
I tell them the object is to get rid of all of your cards. This
is a great problem-solving skill and great questioning skill.
Using large shapes, (I made mine from BB paper.)
Label each shape with its name. Have students find things around
the room that are that shape.This is a great whole group activity
that introduces the center.


If you have 3-D shapes available
you could use them in your sand/rice table. This would be great for volume.

Fine Motor

I have some lamenated sheets that have
shapes that my students can trace.(try:
Using pattern blocks, have students
make towers. Who can make the tallest? the strongest?

Pocket Charts

Use poems from above
Remember the number of pockets in your charts!

Bulletin Board Ideas

Have your students names on a shape
label the BB We are shaping up in (name's class or grade level)

Links to See

Shape Button Book
I See Shapes
Shape Monster

Things to Buy

Here you will find the black line book for the Shape Family

Books to Make

Create books for each shape
Using each shape name, create a book that
follows this frame: A square is a square unless it is a _______.
Using the text This is a ____.
Have children match text to picture.
This is a circle. Then have the students glue on a circle.

Books to Read

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