Check out my Pizza!Pizza! take home bag.

What started off as a bag turned into a
unit. My reading series uses the book, Hold the Anchovies.
That is what sparked it all! I was in a friend's classroom and
she wanted me to just draw a pizza on paper.
Well that wasn't good enough for me. So I went home that night and
made a pizza out of felt for the kids. Ao that night, I stopped off
at a pizza place and asked for some pizza boxes. They gave me several
boxes. The smallest one was almost the perfect size for the felt pizza
that I made.

I made the crust
the sauce
the cheese
the toppings that we
brainstormed the day before

The children were E.L.L. (English Language Learners aka ESL)
in kindergarten.Not all of them had pizza. I guess we could have had a
pizza snack, but I was just a visiting teacher. We were just following the
reading series and it didn't really permit a bunch of extra time. Perhaps
next year, we can do a little more. One of the things that we did was after
they kids told me the parts of the pizza, and I wrote down the words on
sentence strips and we sorted them in a pocket chart.
I shuffled around the word cards and handed out the felt pieces for
the kids to match the words to the pieces. Then I reversed the procedure
and handed out the word cards and the kids matched the card to the
pieces in the pocket chart.

After talking with teachers, I have collected all of these ideas.
And I added a few that I got when I was compiling these.
In Dr. Jean's book,Teaching Tunes:Early Phonics you can
use the blackline master for Pepperoni Pizza. Then we would make
this book for the library.
It goes over the steps on how to make a pizza.

Some songs to sing:

Pizza, Pizza!

Tune: “The Mulberry Bush”
This is the way we pour the water, pour the yeast, pour the flour.
This is the way we mix it up to make a pizza pie.
This is the way we knead the dough, knead the dough, knead the dough.
This is the way we knead the dough to make a pizza pie.
This is the way we toss the dough, toss the dough, toss the dough.
This is the way we toss the dough to make a pizza pie.
This is the way we stretch the dough, stretch the dough, stretch the dough.
This is the way we stretch the dough to make a pizza pie.
This is the way we spread the sauce, spread the sauce, spread the sauce.
This is the way we spread the sauce to make a pizza pie.
This is the way we sprinkle the cheese,
sprinkle the cheese, sprinkle the cheese.
This is the way we sprinkle the cheese to make a pizza pie.
This is the way our pizza bakes, pizza bakes, pizza bakes.
Take it out; we’ll eat it up, our yummy pizza pie!


How do you make a pizza grow?
You pound and you pull and you stretch the dough
And throw in tomatoes and oregano.
Pizza platter for twenty-two
Pour on the oil and soak it through.
Pizza slices for forty-four,
Chop up onions, make some more.
Pizza pie for sixty-six
With mozzarella cheese that melts and sticks.
Pizza, pizza for ninety-nine
With pepperoni sausage ground-up fine.
Pizza, pizza stretch the dough.
Pizza, pizza make it grow.

When I attended the Wisconsin Kindergarten Association convention,
Julie Torkelson offers this pizza poem kit:

The song goes:
There is a treat
that's good to eat
And pizza is its name
and pizza is its name!

Take a look at some other photos from that day

Sing "I am a Pizza" by Charlotte Diamond.
Dramatize the song by either acting out the pizza song using the pizza
box and toppings or song cards.


Its round and made of dough
Topped with sauce and cheese just so.
It's a big round treat
Filled with vegetables and meat.
It's a pizza cooked just right.
Are you ready? Have a bite!

Pizza poem
(tune of 10 little Indians)
One little, two little, three little pizzas.
Four little, five little, six little pizzas.
Seven little, eight little, nine little pizzas.
Ten little pizzas ready to be delivered!
Cut out felt circles and place on flannelboard as you
sing the song. Or put up the required number of fingers as you sing


Piz-za, piz-za. Let's have piz-za!
Let's have piz-za with cheese on top!
Piz-za, piz-za. Let's have piz-za!
(Anyone's name) wants piz-za with (what ever topping they mention) on top!

Pizza Song... (Twinkle, Twinkle)
Pizza, pizza it's a treat.
Pizza, pizza is fun to eat!
Ooey-gooey cheese so yummy.
Crunchy crust goes in my tummy.
Pizza, pizza it's a treat.
Pizza, pizza is fun to eat!

Five Little Pizzas
Five little pizzas sitting in a row, toss one up, then there was four...
No little pizzas.....

Roll Your Dough (Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Roll, roll, roll your dough smoothly as can be.
Roll it till it's big and round,then add some good toppings.

Who Stole the Pizza from the Pizza Pan?
1st child says: who stole the pizza from the pizza pan?
1st child chooses another child and says:
__________ stole the pizza from the pizza pan.
Choosen child says: Who me?
1st child: Yes you!
Choosen child: Couldn't be!
1st child: Then who?
(repeat choosing another child until every child has a turn)

On Top Of My Pizza

(tune: On top of Spaghetti)
On top of my pizza,
All covered with sauce.
I lost my pepperoni
When it rolled off the top!
It rolled under the table
And onto the floor.
It rolled over the carpet
And then out the door!

Pizza Shop

Down around the corner in the pizza shop
There were lots of pieces of pizza with pepperoni on top
Along came (child's name) all alone
He (or She) bought one that had (# of pepperonis) pepperoni
And took it home
Note: Do this with a pizza drawing (or feltboard) removing a piece of
pizza with the specified number of pepperonis with each verse.

Some books to read:

Hi Pizza Man or Hold the Anchovies. Discuss the book.
What type of pizza is their favorite?
Thick vs. Thin crust. Write the words and a picture on the board.
What are their favorite toppings?

Some books to make:

Pizza Book (class book)
Materials: Construction paper, writing paper, crayons, pencils.
Procedure: make a large slice of pizza using construction paper. Title it
I Like Pizza.
Provide each student with a piece of paper cut to look like a slice of pizza.
Student writes about their favorite kind of pizza. You can use
a cloze format,I like....((Cheese))" or have students
dictate or write on their own.
Students decorate their page.

"My Pizza" - I like ______________ pizza.

"What's on the Pizza?" Put some ______________ on it.

"Pizza! Pizza! We Like Pizza!" We eat pizza in the _____________.

Some Games to play:

Topping Toss
Cut out pizza topping shapes from cardboard. Then have your children
stand back and try to throw those shapes onto a pizza pan. (For added
effect cut out pictures of the toppings and glue onto the cardboard.

Pizza Box Relay

Cut holes in the top of pizza boxes big enough for your children to put
their feet in them. Have them do a relay shuffling across the floor.

Pizza Puzzle

Along with your class decorate a round piece of cardboard as a pizza.
Then cut the pizza into puzzle pieces and
let your children put it together.

Pizza on the Floor

Outline a piece of pizza on the floor of your classroom. Put different
toppings on the piece. Next have your children call out the name of the
topping when you or a student steps on it.


make up cards with pictures of things that go on pizza (dough, sauce,
pepperoni, etc) and then make cards to call that match the playing cards.


Cardboard,scissors,construction paper(red,gray,pink,green and
yellow),clear contact paper,dice,pizza box
What to do:
4 children can play the game at one time
cut out 4 6" circles from a piece of cardboard.
These will be the pizza crusts
cut out 4 slightly smaller circles from red construction
paper. These will represent the
sauce cut out 8 mushroom shapes from gray paper,
12 pepperoni shapes from pink paper,
12 green pepper rings from green paper and 16 strips
of cheese fro yellow paper
cover all shapes in contact paper or laminate
The object of the game is to complete a pizza using
all of the required ingredients
by rolling the appropriate # on the dice. In turn,
each child will need to roll a 1
in order to begin
When a child rolls a 1, give her one of the crusts.
Continue in turn to construct a
pizzza as follows:
Roll a 2, get sauce (one needed)
Roll a 3, get a mushroom (two needed)
Roll a 4, get a green pepper (three needed)
Roll a 5, get a strip of cheese (four needed)
The first child to build a pizza can cheer in the others
Store in the pizza box.

Some activities to do:

Pizza Painting
Materials: paper plate, tempera paint; red for sauce, black for olives,
green for peppers,brown for pepperoni and tan for mushrooms.
Sponges cut into the shapes of vegetables cheap kitchen sponges
work very well.
Procedure: students make their pizzas by first adding sauce to the paper
plate crust and then adding their choice of toppings.

Pizza Aprons
Cut a brown grocery bag into a shape of a pizza wedge.
Cut a half-circle on the fold at the top for the children to wear their pizza
slices on their front and back. Kids can color and decorate the pizza slices!

Bean Bag toss.
Create a large pizza circle on the floor. Make it round
and place tape to make the pieces. Place different pictures of toppings
in each triangle.The kids toss the bean bag on the large pizza, they place
that topping on their own pizza game board. I made mine from tagboard.
They can play this until all the pieces are used.


This can easily be done in one of the great pizza shaped books.
One on one sit with a child and ask them how to make a pizza,
if the child isn't sure then ask how does Mommy or Daddy make pizza.
Guide your questions to "what do you do first?"and
"how would you do that?" write down word for word what they say.
After all the children have had a chance to do one, have them make a
picture of their favorite pizza and photocopy a set of everyone's for
each child or display as a class book. Read them all out loud.

Pizza Prop Box:
Pizza Boxes (large, medium, small, personal pan), Breadstick boxes/sauce
containers, Pizza Hut bags Cups and lids, Pizza Hut uniform, Pans Hot pad
glove, Pizza Hut menus, Birthday party sign and banner, Tablecloth,
Pizza cutter, Serving tray, Felt pizza crusts and toppings, Rolling Pin,
Coupons, Play dishes/silverware from kitchen area, Cash register,
Play money, Little Tykes car (for deliveries), Telephone,
Old checkbooks/wallets/purses, Small writing tablet (to take orders),
Pens or pencils Coupons (may need to be replaced), Napkins
More Prop Box ideas.


Make 8 pizza slices for the flannelboard. As you call out a child's name
in the chant, that child takes a slice from the board. You can also reverse
it, with each child adding a slice instead of taking it.
8 pieces of pizza
tasty as can be,
(child's name) can eat a slice
and leave some for me
Continue to one
1 piece of pizza
tasty as can be,
(child's name) can eat a slice
and leave none for me.
Yum, Yum,
that was fun!
We love a pizza party!


Sorting - Sort toppings on pizza into food groups.
Serration - Laminate small, medium and large pizzas. Have the children
put in order smallest to largest and then largest to smallest.
Matching - Laminate 2 of the same pizzas.
Have the children match the like pizzas.
Graphing - Have the children graph favorite toppings on their pizza.
Sequencing - Have the children put in order how to make a pizza.
(make crust, spread on pan, spread sauce, add toppings, add cheese,
bake, and then eat.)
Fractions - divide whole pizza into a 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4

We made a pizza glyph.
Pepperoni slices tell how old you are. Mushrooms for
number of people in your family. Onions for number of pets
you have. Green peppers for girls and olives for boys.
We then went through and "described"each person using the glyphs.

Paperplate Pizzas
Have the children paint paper plate red. Then have them add shape
toppings (square - sausage, circle - pepperoni, rectangle - cheese,
triangle - vegies)

Tissue Paper Pizza
Glue tissue paper onto brown round paper. Shredded white for cheese,
crumpled small pieces of brown for sausage,
small round circles for pepperoni.

Pizza fingerplay (Italy)?
Cut five pizza shapes out of felt. Decorate them as described in the poem
below. Using felt scraps or felt-tip markers. Then place the shapes on a
flannelboard and recite the poem.
Five little pizzas all in a row.
The first one said,
"Im made with pepperoni, you know"
the second one said,
"Im made with sausage and cheese."
The third one said,
"Don't eat me, please."
The forth one said,
"Ill be your dinner tonight,
The fifth one said,
"someone has taken a bite!"
Five little pizzas all in a row.
Would you like to eat them?
Yes, I know.

This would make a great book too!!!

Here are some great books and toys to use along with your pizza unit.

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