For Kids only!

(But make sure you have a grown-ups permission!)

Check out these fun sites:
KidsDomain~A fun site to spend the day when it is raining outside.
Disney ~Who could go wrong with Disney?
Yahoo! for Kids Got Questions? Go here to answer them.
Junie B. Jones a link to activities centered around our favorite story character and her craziness!
Magic School Bus ~ take a trip with Ms. Frizzle and her students.
Robert Munsch ~ learn how he wrote different stories
Jan Brett ~ visit this site a print art designed by the author
Arthur ~ find him and D.W. here at this site
Between the Lions ~ a great show on PBS designed to increase reading skills
Dolch Words ~ visit this site to practice you dolch words flashcard style - it also has sound
Math Games ~ practice your math facts, play math games, or complete worksheets. This site is fun!
Stories Online ~ A great place with interactive stories and games.
Seussville~A great author!
Frogs~A place to see and HEAR different kinds of frogs.
More Frogs ~Take a look at what frogs can live in Minnesota.
Frog Story~Read a story about a frog.
Frog Facts~Check out this page for all sorts of cool froggy facts!

I have adopted this cute frog:
You can adopt one too! I adopted my frog at: Check it out!

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