I started this homework notebook beginning this year. There are varied opinions on giving homework in kindergarten, and as I think about it, I give my students numerous things to do for homework. Most of it is just during the week. I know of teachers that give packets of homework for the weekend, I think the weekend is for families. Among this notebook, my kids take a book home that we read for reading group, a book from my Home Reading connection program, and a Discovery Pack! I still do family projects and will until I see a problem.

Homework for the week:

Monday: Student's choose a Discovery Pack, a reading book.
Tuesday - Thursday: Take Home Reading Connection book and reading group book
Friday: Children return Discovery Pack, reading group book, and their
Home Reading Connection Book
And that is just for reading! They have their monthly homework calendars
and a family project.Most of my kids don't see any of that as homework.
I can recall one time their homework was to count all the clocks in their
house. Well I wrote all of their answers down on the overhead.Some of
them had forgotten some that others had. They wanted to re-do their
homework!!! I got this idea from a book called "Math Around the House."

A little bit about my Homework Notebooks. They are just ordinary sprial bound notebooks that I got at Wal~Mart for $0.06! I printed off a cover on my computer printer and glued it on the cover. On the inside, I glue a calendar of items to do for the month. The parents can find this notebook in their Frog Binder. I fill out the entire calendar for the month. This way they can work on it when they have time. These are very easy tasks to complete. I talk to my kids about their homework for the night, so even my non-readers know
what they have to do and they can do it on thier own or with a little help!

*September - Finding letters for every letter in the alphabet.
*October- shapes, colors,
*November-nutrition, senses,
*December-winter clothing, cookies
*January- snow related activities
*February- mail, valentine's, teeth, money
*March- Seuss
*April- time, rain
*May- writing prompts
Please email me if you are interested in ordering my homework calendars. They will
work year after year.

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