In my room we do a graph of the day. It is a job in my classroom entitled, Math Marvel. It is their job to ask the students a question of the day.
I have created many of them, to complement the ones that I found at Mrs. Meachman's
I needed to have 180 of course for each day of the year. I tried to make
some that went with the themes that I am doing this year, but also some that can be used anytime. The ones that I have created slide into a sheet protector
the students have small laminated name tags that fit into the grid. I use the sticky tac to attach them. I ask the Math Marvel at the beginning of math centers
if they have a question of the day. If they do, then they can use it, otherwise I give them the one I created. If they do have one, then we just post mine
and the students have to answer both of them.
Please let me know if you have any questions or you use them in your room.
Have a great graphing idea? Please send it my way and I will try to include it.

What animal scares you?

How many bedrooms are in your house?

What are you the best at?

How many books have you read this week?

Cooling off

Board game

Candy Flavor

Card Game


Rain Forest Animal

Who do you read to the most?


TV Channel


Circus Act

Chocolate Goodie

Green Food

Pumpkin Food



Have you gone to the Ocean

Collected seashells

Gone fishing

Held a caterpillar

Seen a scarecrow

Touched a Snake?

Gone to the Zoo

Seen a Leprauchun

Hiding Spot

Eat eggs


Get from the ice cream truck

How does your insect move?

Like gingerbread?

Nemo character

Eat your pancakes

Live in a pumpkin shell?

Ever read a Dr. Seuss book

Dr. Seuss

In the Snow

Snow, Mud, Sand

Snow White

During the summer

Type of swing

Tine for bed

Times you have moved

Color Wearing the Most

Go trick or treating?

Tv daily

How do you wake up

Clothing worn today

Most color of clothing

Pumpkin Face

Type of cookie

President of the United States

Cook, read, paint

Campfire Snack

Favorite Cartoon

Color Easter Eggs

Favorite Holiday

Favorite Pie

Have you lost mittens or gloves

Wear mittens or gloves

Pilgrim or Native American

Santa Visit

Seen an egg hatch?

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