December seems to be a month filled with many special activities. We have a Christmas concert on December 19th. During this month, we will also create a Christmas alphabet book. Each month the students brainstorm words for the month. This will be the third book in the series. This time however, the students will be able to use stamps, greeting cards, or their own drawings to go with the letters.

This is how our tree looked when we began December. The students will be able to create ornaments for the tree that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
We will be making some TLC art this month. Check out their site TLC Art
I would like to make the Nutcracker, the reindeer, and the Santa. Let's hope I can get them all in!
We are talking about quilts now in our reading series, so I would also like to do the quilt on also. We will see if we get any wrapping paper to complete this one.

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