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After reading the book Daily 5

I instantly joined several email rings on Yahoo! regarding the book. I joined a book study, a general Daily 5 group and a
D5 in Kindergarten. I was able to pilot this program in my summer school room. I taught ELL children going into the second grade.
I created anchor charts with my students and then took their photos doing what we were supposed to be doing.
We mounted them on large pieces of construction paper.
I couldn’t do the same pacing as I would if I were still in kindergarten or during the whole year.
I began with Read to Self (RTS). Well that was really, really easy!!
Soon followed by Read to Someone as we were going to buddy read with the soon-to-be 5th graders.
We had to practice before they came, so we would be experts! And we were! They did an excellent job!

We also had Listen to Reading. I have bunches of books on tape, so I put out 5 or 6 books for them to
choose from. I only have three tape players, so we had to make sure that everyone got a turn.

Word Work: We used "Quick Words" also using Giraffe Books from School Bell

Work on writing: I followed Mrs. Meacham's writing ideas. Check out her ideas Writing Lessons
We also used her Itty Bitty sight words books Itty Bitty Books

To make it a little harder, I had my students write a sentence using the word. We are also trying to work on fluency.

I have created several PDF’s as anchor charts also; please email me if you would like your very own!
e-mail Jennifer

Please check out my daily schedule and areas in the classroom under Schedule

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