I am in the process of moving and organizing my school stuff. So as I come across a center idea, I will be adding pictures and descriptions of some centers. Eventually I will be adding them to their correct pages.

I enlarged a jar and my kids used little paper cookies.

Using erasers from Oriental Trading, I made this story using postion words. This one says Put 1 Tree on the hill.

Put Two GB in the jar

Hang 3 candy canes on the ornament.

Put 4 stars in the sky.

Hang 5 stockings on the stocking.

Put 6 trees on the mitten.

Put 7 GB on the cookie sheet. Yes that is foil. It laminated just fine!

Put 8 candy canes beside the tree.

Put 9 stars on the sleigh.

Put 10 stockings under the table.

The adding page. Put 2 candy canes, 2 stars, 3 GB men, 4 trees on the picture.

Here is my Spring Give and Take Game.I cut index cards in 1/2 and put a sticker on one side and wrote Give or Take a # and item. For ex.: Take 6 purple bunnies. The kids would then take that number of bunnies. *More* Have the kids graph what they have.

This is my skelton roll. The wood looking pieces are the stand. The skelton actually hangs down. I got these at the Dollar Tree.

This is a take off of a Mailbox idea for candy corn.

On the white one, you write the numeral. The pink you can write the word and the red you make dots.

Here I just used die cuts and have them find the partener.

These are ordinary tongue depressors. I have the numeral, the dots, and the word.

Here you just have to put them in order.

These you have to find the upper and lower case letters.

Here is the book that I got the patterns from.

I made these patterns from the Carson Dellosa Quick Snips. I copied the pages and cut up all the little pieces and placed them in seperate containers.

snowflakes, hearts, shamrocks, eggs, umbrellas, raindrops, flowers, shells, crayons, penicls, and apples.

leaves, pumpkins, corn, mittens, bells/holly, presents, candy canes/stickings, stars, teddy bears, and boxing gloves.

hamburgers, ice cream cones, jack in the box, footballs, baseballs, tennis rackets, tennis balls, basketballs, watermelon, candles, acorns, ribbons,turkey legs, pumpkins, pizza, and keys.

hearts, eggs, umbrellas, apples, shamrocks. pumpkins, apples, bells/holly,presents, stars, teddy bears, hamburgers, fish, music notes,and art.

pies, basketballs/nets, holly leaves with berries, and small balloons.

cookies/chips, pear/grapes/banana/orange/apple<, birthday hats/balloons, stars, lollypops, bones, cupcakes, spaceships, paw prints, axe, paint brush, star/planet/rocket ship, music notes.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to hear from you!

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