August 28, 2001

This is how my room looked when the kids finally arrived.

This is our art center. On the top, are the kids pencil boxes. We have community supplies. So that means that, one child has one item in their box, and they are in charge of handing them out when we need them.

This is our math center. We do our daily math graph there. On the top of the bulletin board, is my helper chart. This is the "Hoppy Helpers" chart from Carson-Dellosa.

This is our Chicka Chicka bulletin board. All of them are quite unique. At the bottom ledge, is where my kids make their lunch choice. In the apple on the chair, is where all of them put their folders and any stray notes.

This is where we do our calendar.

This bulletin board is where I display anything that the kids bring me. It also holds our straws.

This is our full library. Thanks to the awesome help from KinderKorner, I have put a pillow under my desk. Already my desk is messy.

On this bulletin board, I have my birthday board and on the bottom, is two different tooth charts. So far, none of my kids have lost a tooth.

Here is where most of my tapes and compact discs are.

This is our writing center.

This is the Wee Deliver kit that I got from the Post Office. There is also a sorting box, but I didn't get all of the pieces.

When the first grade teacher looked out her window, this is what she saw! This was very unusual to both of us, to have a horse on our playground!

This is the art that we did after we read the kissing hand on Friday. I put them up to take the picture, and then they went home that night.

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